I love snow white, so I must critique it:

No, I don’t, is there even anything good about snow white???

I remember watching Snow White as a kid with my sisters and hearing my sisters telling my mom they wanted to be like Snow White. We didn’t know any better. I even supported them wanting to be like Snow White. Now looking back at it, as a grown-up, I would tell my sisters they don’t need to be like Snow White. They’re perfectly beautiful. I’m sure my sisters would agree to, knowing what snow white was truly about now that they’re grown-ups. There’s a lot of things wrong with Snow White and we shall talk about a few.

  • The name of the movie already gives off the wrong perception as it feeds into this stereotype that if you’re not white you’re not beautiful or even come close to being pretty. Imagine kids of color like my sisters saying that they wanted to be like snow white, it is wrong that this movie was so widespread it reached every part of the world that had access to tv.
  • The words used in this movie were also racist every time the queen stands in front of her mirror she chants “Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all” this statement here totally promote colorism and racism as kids watching this movie will have a false perception of reality on who is considered beautiful based on skin color as if you’re not fair (White) you are not considered pretty. Using words like “kill her and bring her heart” are also words kids shouldn’t be listening to as they’re too young to know gruesome words like that.
  • Snow White also takes consent to a different level, imagine coming back from work only to see someone inside your home sleeping comfortably making themself at home. This is wrong, and this movie pushes that narrative that you can go into people’s houses and take a nap (if you do this you’ll probably be arrested or worst shot at). This movie is also sexist in the sense that she cleans their house and cooked food in return for letting her stay.
  • The worst of all is the lack of consent in the movie as prince charming, kissed snow white after a year of her falling asleep. It’s amazing how this scene went unchecked for years now there’s the outrage about this scene and rightfully so. It disregards all the rules about consent and gives off men are savior vibes specifically white males.

Snow White should be renamed and redone if Disney wants kids to keep watching it because this movie is racist, sexist, violent, and disregards consent in any way. I can’t see my kids or relatives watching it if there isn’t a remolded version. So I ask again is there even anything good about Snow White???


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