The Wiz Live!: Exploring Representation of Black Women On Stage

In this podcast episode, Grace Allaman, Monica Kain, and Sarah Lu discuss NBC’s 2015 production of The Wiz Live! We argue that although The Wiz was a major step forward for the representation of Black women on stage, the strength of Dorothy’s character can have downsides, and we still need more original stories from Black creators in theatre. Join us for the full conversation!


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  1. I really liked the way y’all examined all the aspects of race in this musical. You brought up points I had not thought about before like Dorothy not being allowed to be childlike because she is black. I also appreciated the criticism of the base story still being a white story rather than making a musical based in the culture of black America. I talked about a similar issue with Cinderella. I think it’s so interesting how this keeps happening in media. Overall, I really liked your analysis of the musical and how you introduced/ended your podcast 🙂


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